How can I become “Nothing” during my meditations?

I’m currently doing the meditation Generating Gratitude and along the way, Dr. Joe tells you to relax, tune fell, notice, stay present, become NOTHING.

I suppose it is in the sense of nonexistence (a view of humanity as suspended between infinity and nothingness)?

For me, every time I meditate, I think of NOTHING as negative connotations and I still can’t detach myself from this idea. I perceive it in the meaning of having no prospect of progress; of no value, utter insignificance, emptiness, or worthlessness.

I appeal to your kindness to guide me in this perspective. How could I perceive this NOTHING in the sense that Dr. Joe has in mind? What tricks could you suggest to me?

I want to mention to you that English is not my native language, maybe that’s why I can’t go beyond a certain nuance of the word?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Devoted A,

I always recommend staying with that feeling that NOTHING is negative.

Sit with it and be with it. Do not resist the thought. Allow it to play around in your mind. Allow yourself to feel how it makes you feel.

This non-resistance to thought will release itself as you continue the practice.

It is not your experiences in meditation that are important. It is your decision and action of constantly returning to the seat to meditate that will cause growth.

You can not think your way to Nirvana. It is when the thoughts are released and the frontal lobe puts all that talk to sleep that you will experience NOTHING, NOWHERE AND NO TIME.

, NOWHERE, AND NO TIME are NOT intellectual thoughts. They are states of being, energy, pure consciousness.

Love you, sis. You got this!

More Love,

Lauren Gerlaine

Queen of Forgiveness

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