The Queen is Certified! | Authenticity & Connection


So I did a thing.

(Okay, well, it is not a done deal. I have to wait five days to get my results, but I am confident.)

I decided to become a HeartMath® Resilience Advantage® Facilitator.

These past five days, I was with 31 other amazing people learning to teach HeartMath in a classroom setting.


Reslience is what The Queen of Forgiveness was missing.

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There was a time when I was teaching and listening to my people, and I did not know how to build my resilience. I did not know that was the problem at the time.

Now that I have learned to develop my resilience, I know that is what I need. It would have allowed me to stick with my teachings and help more people long-term.

The Queen listens to people’s pain. There was a time that I did not know how to renew myself after processing that pain with that and doing the job that I love in customer service, and I began to lose my luster in helping people. I still loved it, but I just wasn’t good at managing my emotions anymore.

Over time, I stopped doing talks. I struggled to share videos and messages. I was supposed to be helping you manage your emotions, and mine was out of control. How could I, with good conscious, teach what I was not currently living?


2020 – early 2022 was tough. I struggled with anxiety very badly. Anxiety hung around many years before that, but for a year and a half, anxiety ruled my life. Then I met someone, and the relationship added to the anxiety that I was dealing with. We ended that.

It was tough to do my customer service job. I was not working on my business at all, even though I had recommitted to doing it. I just did not feel authentic anymore. I was suffering from anxiety trying to teach people to release their emotions. What was that?


I took three months off work because I couldn’t manage my emotions during phone calls anymore. I work in customer service, so people who are frustrated, angry, and even a bit worn from multiple issues call and need me to listen, be empathetic, and efficiently handle their issues.

Once you are burned out in a position like mine, listening becomes tough, hearing is even tougher, deciphering their needs is almost non-existent, and implementing solutions becomes rote behavior.

I love my job! So I was off work looking for something. I needed to get it together. I am not going to lose my job over this emotional issue. I was eating anxiety medicine like candy, which, of course, was no longer working.

I see a therapist. I have an anxiety coach. I have a hypnotherapist. Then I start meditating.

Here begins my love affair with Dr. Joe Dispenza.

I love his teachings. I love meditating. My neck healed from meditating. (We can talk about that later.) The anxiety eased up by about 90%.

So, I started having fewer anxiety attacks. I live, I breathe, and I teach Dr. Joe methods. When I had anxiety attacks, they were still pretty bad. I still had a bottle of anxiety medication around for when things got out of control. I knew that if I continued to meditate, I would eventually have a breakthrough.


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Dr. Joe works with the HeartMath Institute and talks about them often in his teachings. So, I gave them a look around Thanksgiving.

The company was having a Black Friday sale. I bought an Inner Balance device and started using it for my meditations. I learned a lot about my meditation practices by reading the charts on the device.

Then I needed to learn more about the device. I took The HeartMath Experience course and learned about the power of the heart, and I found out that HeartMath had techniques. I was astounded. They also had more information on how to use the device on the website.

I also joined MindfulScience in their Coherence Toning Challenge. MindfulScience is partnered with HeartMath.

[I was definitely doing a lot on my off time from work. I was desperate to get my sanity back and be the calm, cool, collective woman I used to be. But yeah, I also do too much. That is my modus operandi. ]

And back to the story….

Now that I learned a few techniques, I wanted to know more. I started to use the methods along with the device and the meditation. Things began to really turn around. I had fewer anxiety attacks. I was down from living 10% of my day in anxiety to 3% of the day.

Miracle of Miracles

Then something amazing happened… I had an anxiety attack that I could feel in my body, but I did not react to it in my mind.

Wow! Just wow!

I did not know what that meant then, but I practiced my HeartMath techniques and the MindfulScience Toning.

So that brought me to do the thing. I joined this last cohort of students that will help spread the message of HeartMath throughout the earth. I will do it one customer service team at a time.


Authenticity and Connection were the two heart qualities that I brought to the HeartMath® Resilience Advantage® Facilitator course this past week. These are also the heart qualities necessary for my work with Queen of Forgiveness and AnxietyProof™ Coaching.

I made amazing connections with my fellow classmates that I hope last for a lifetime. HeartMath is a wonderful company that is full of love and support. There were genuine heart connections made in this event. The teachers, coaches, and staff exemplified the teachings. Their hearts were always flowing and open.

Through my own experience, seeing the anxiety laid to the side, my authentic heart nature can surface again. I know that I am a HeartMath Facilitator and soon-to-be mentor for life!


Now is the time that I will connect back to you. My people. My heart. My soul. I have refilled my cup. I have become more resilient. Now, I can help someone else. As the saying goes, you have to put your own mask on before helping someone else put on their mask. My mask is on.

I promise to show up authentically and connect with you consistently through social media, vlogs, blogs, and podcasts. We will also have classes, seminars, and webinars to help you grow.

Join us for a weekly meditation every Saturday by signing up for WeAddHeart [Online Group Meditation].


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