Who is the Queen of Forgiveness?


My name is Lauren Gerlaine Reliford. I am the Reigning Queen of Forgiveness.

I am a HeartMath® Resilience Advantage® Facilitator. Also know as a HeartMath® Certified Trainer.

The main heart qualities that I bring are Compassion, Community, and Connection.




I have been where you are.

Life had not changed. Everyday going to the same job, talking to the same friends, taking care of the same responsibilities, but I had changed, and not for the better.

Burning the candle at both ends forever had come to a physical end. My mind and my eyes were tired. Performing my job duties became irritating. I had to take time off work. My friends were putting up with my moodiness. My relationship was in shambles.

I needed something and something had to change. 

2010 or so I became the Queen of Forgiveness. It has always been a passion of mine. When I was four years old and the minister said, you need to forgive. I remember asking how. I was helping people all over the world through the forgiveness practices that I was practicing at the time.

However, over time, I stopped doing talks. I struggled to share videos and messages. I was supposed to be helping you manage your emotions, and mine was out of control. How could I, with good conscious, teach what I was not currently living?

I don’t even remember when it happened?
When did I stop sharing the good news of forgiveness?
When did I stop being the healed and being the hurting? 


2020 – early 2022 was tough. I struggled with anxiety very badly. Anxiety hung around many years before that, but for a year and a half, anxiety ruled my life. Then I met someone, and the relationship added to the anxiety that I was dealing with. We ended that.



Here begins my love affair with Dr. Joe Dispenza. Started by purchasing Dr. Joe’s Blessing of the Energy Centers 1.

My neck healed from this meditation. (We can talk about that later.) The anxiety eased up by about 90%. My back healed or at least I don’t feel pain even though my lower back should be bone on bone. My hips turned in the right direction in my body and I am walking better.



Dr. Joe works with the HeartMath Institute and talks about them often in his teachings.

Immediately purchased a HeartMath Inner Balance Device. I  joined MindfulScience in their Coherence Toning Challenge. MindfulScience is partnered with HeartMath.

[I was definitely doing a lot on my off time from work. I was desperate to get my sanity back and be the calm, cool, collective woman I used to be. But yeah, I also do too much. That is my modus operandi.]

And back to the story….

Now that I learned a few techniques, I wanted to know more. I started to use the methods along with the device and the meditation. Things began to really turn around. I had fewer anxiety attacks. I was down from living 10% of my day in anxiety to 3% of the day.

Miracle of Miracles

Then something amazing happened… I had an anxiety attack that I could feel in my body, but I did not react to it in my mind.

Wow! Just wow!

I did not know what that meant then, but I practiced my HeartMath techniques and the MindfulScience Toning.

So that brought me to do the thing. March of 2022 I joined a cohort of students that will help spread the message of HeartMath throughout the earth.



But wait, there’s more. Yes, I received some healing in my body and my mind. I do the work regularly to continue to heal and be well.

Life is an unfolding and it is the contrast of the good and the bad in life that allow life to be best in the good moments.

As I continue to do the work that God has given me to do, I teach you to live from your heart and sync your mind.  I help you face your demons and release your boundaries, as I too release mine.

Get connected with other LoveHearts and all around amazing human beings for a weekly meditation every Saturday by signing up for Emotional “TIMEOUTS” for Adults.

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