How to Play the Connection Game

Playing the connection game is played by lovers, but anyone who is having a problem with strife and hurt can play the connection game. This practice helps to bring two people together in a way that is very connected and intimate. The eyes are indeed the window to the soul. When you look deeply into the eyes it is not just physical activity, but a spiritual walk into who that person is.

Play the Game

Set a timer for 3 minutes.

You are going to sit opposite your partner and look into each other’s eyes naturally — no talking. Eye contact is one of the things we cut off when we want to break the connection. Crying during the connection game is okay. Only do not speak. Allow your souls to connect.

Extended Connection Game

You can choose to end the game here or go for another 2 minutes of connection.

Set the timer for another 2 minutes. Hold hands and look into each other’s eyes. It is still okay to cry. Only do not speak. Allow your souls to connect.

Overtime Connection Game

Going into extended game is far enough for some. Other couples are still in for creating more connection. For them I recommend the Overtime Connection Game.

Fully embrace and stand there — no talking. Just feel each other’s breath. Relax as much as possible. You can stay in this position until one of you taps out.

Connection & Forgiveness

Forgiveness is easy. It comes like a wave and washes over you. It’s effortless and flows. The decision to forgive is the hardest part. When you haven’t indeed decided the feelings may resurface again and again. You choose then to forgive again and again. It’s a push-pull. Before you know it you’re caught up in the wave, and you are out in the sea of forgetfulness. It’s a beautiful place.

In the sea of forgetfulness, you remember the issue, but you forget the pain. When you think back on the situation, the sting is no longer there — a memory without heavy emotions of grief and sadness. This is the ultimate place of forgiveness. When you can smile and say, “I made it through that, and now I am past it.”

When you feel a more intimate connection with a person you want to forgive, then forgiveness becomes easier. Playing this game may not end all of the strife, but it is a tool that is in the forgiveness box. Play the connection game with someone that you love.

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