0002 – Date on the Pier

Beautiful picked me up this evening and took me out to the pier. He had pickled beets sandwiches for us to eat and a couple of bottles of Perrier. We ate, drank, and stared into each other’s eyes as much as possible. We looked out on the water. We held each other.

He walked me to my door. He called me his “Cherry Bomb.” He kissed me sweetly on the lips, then above my left brow. He watched me walk into my tiny house.

I waved to him from the window. Then he got in his car to go.

Beautiful called and talked to me on the drive home because we didn’t speak at all on the date. It was so perfect we both concurred that we could not ruin it by trying to quantify our moment with words.

We both laughed because we love that cheesy shit.


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