Forgive My Cheating Boyfriend

I am sorry.

My boyfriend cheated on me with another lover. I feel sad. I do not want to walk away. I want to forgive and forget. I do not know how to do that by myself. I feel so much hurt. I feel cheated. I feel angry. I feel like I am not enough. He is still here, but I feel alone.

Please forgive me.

Somehow I feel like it’s wrong to stay with this cheating fool. I am wronging myself. I am setting the wrong example. I do not know. People say that you should leave someone who cheated on you. I am praying this prayer because I want to stay. I feel wrong. Please God, help me to feel better. Please take the pain away.

I love you.

Love is the reason for this prayer. I want to love and be loved. I want to get past this pain and return to love. I know that you love me God and want me to be happy. I love you God, and I want to be the best person you made me be. Please, God, help me to return to love.

Thank you.

Thank you for taking the pain away from me. Thank you for releasing my soul back to love. Thank you for helping me to work through this with my boyfriend. Thank you for loving me.

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