Cultivating more safe and caring communities of heart-connected souls.

Core Values

Talk to me like I’m five.

  • Keep it simple. Say it with care. Say it again if need be. Apply empathy.

Can we make it more fun?

  • Add heart. Be creative. Be curious. Celebrate.

Is everyone here?

  • Make it inclusive. Work as a team. Do it with respect.

Was everyone heard?

  • What did our client say? What do our team members say? What has leadership observed? What does our surrounding community think?

Did we give our best?

  • Be great. Do our best in quality. Be responsible.

Is it impactful?

  • Lead with purpose. Social community impact. Earth impact.

Is it awe-inspiring?

  • Spark inspiration. Create with beauty. Lead with passion.

We are here to fail.

  • Fail forward. Plant, water, grow. Entrepreneurial spirit.

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