My Healing Hasn’t Come Yet. Will the Live Event Help?

I have been doing dr. Joes meditations for about 4 months and haven’t seen many improvements in my condition in which I am trying to heal. I am going to the Marco island event that is coming up very soon. Is it likely that I will see great progress there?

– ED

I’ve learned a grave lesson in the last years.

The more you want something; the more you realize your lack of it. The more you want to heal, the further healing is away. Your noticing that you are still not well is the catalyst for this worse feeling or effect.

The new person is not sick all at. Was never sick.

Focus on “remembering” that new and exciting future. Meditate on yourself as well.

Though you will still see and feel your old self outside of the meditations. Think of your new body as much as possible.

For healing, I like focusing on blessing the energy centers and not focusing on the ailment at all.

It is hard to ignore what seems to be real, but remember your ailment is only a hologram and your inner world is the real place of creation.

I learned this because my neck has healed while I was focusing on being reducing anxiety. When my neck healed I realized I was focusing too much on not being anxious, instead of being in the moment with my new and calm self.

You can not solve a problem with the same level of mind that created it. So you need to learn.

The meditations work, but it is the teachings that take you where you need to go in the meditations. I recommend Dr. Joe Dispenza’s teachings.

Also, Dr. Joe Dispenza points out that you took how many years to create the ailment? How much more time can you give your body to allow healing?

It takes 11 months for all of your cells to regenerate and literally create a new body in this holographic universe. Give it holographic time. 

Miracles can and do happen when we are leveled up energetically. Keep showing up to the work, sis. Other peoples quick results are none of your business.


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