0009 – Remembering Beautiful Lines

Beautiful saw me walking across the street. I was on my way into the Starbucks in Hyde Park on 53rd St. 

He watched me walk towards him. His gaze never left me. I looked back as I directly walked past him and I walked into the Starbucks.

I didn’t feel him walk in behind me, but he was in line directly behind me. Beautiful asked me something about the weather. I said “It is such a nice day.”

I turned back around, because I had something sweet playing in my ears as always. Beautiful quietly smiled behind me. I could feel him feeling me. I felt grateful.

Attention from energy like his is always nice.

I place my order. I decide to get everything I want today. As I open my wallet flower of many cards. Beautiful chuckles a little bit. 

The young lady at the counter says “Your order is already paid for.”  I said, “Well thank you Madame.” She smiles and then she smiles at Beautiful.

I turn to him and he says, “When I am around you don’t have to open that Rolodex of cards.” 

We both burst into laughter. 


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