This meditation stuff isn’t working fast enough.

My issue is impatience, I’ve been separated for 2 years and I have 2 children. I’ve put so much energy and attention into self-development during this time. I’ve had some difficult situations to deal with, with my ex and I’ve also had my heartbroken, but I’ve been determined to own my own thoughts and overcome. It just seems like nothing happens in my life. No matter how hard I meditate and focus on the outcomes I want, it’s just crickets, feeling very much stuck in a rut and desperate for change. Any advice? I am meditating at least once a day and have been for months now. Thank you.


Devoted M,

I know this place. I have been here, sis.

What is your new story? Who is the new you?

I am reading the old story. Since the old story is the one written here. I believe it holds the most space in your mind during the day. It is tough to incorporate thoughts that you are not seeing.

Meditate with a group and get support from a few key people in the group to work on changing your inner talk that you tell yourself during the day. Group meditation will take you further.

This group meditates once or twice a week and sometimes has challenges.

The Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditation Group

Also my love. I train myself to know that my brain and heart are in incoherence.

When the brain and heart are aligned that heart is wide open and the brain is working at a fuller capacity. It’s now ready to create the new future that you want to see.

It may be hard to know when this is happening if you are not tracking your coherence.

I have learned to hear that beautiful higher pitch tone before I start to remember my new and exciting future.

Here is the trainer I use (Affiliate Link).

HeartMath Inner Balance Trainer

Just a couple of tips to help this meditation stuff speed up. I hope this helps you find some forward movement in your journey.

More Love,

Lauren Gerlaine

Queen of Forgiveness


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