WeAddHeart – Talk Notes | February 25, 2023

Thank you for Adding Heart with us today.

As mentioned at the end of the meditation. Here are a few links about some of the things mentioned.

How to purchase a HeartMath Inner Balance device or other technology choices.


Also the link to Dr. Andrew Huberman’s Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@hubermanlab

How to Breathe Correctly for Optimal Health, Mood, Learning & Performance | Huberman Lab Podcast


Dr. Jack Feldman: Breathing for Mental & Physical Health & Performance | Huberman Lab Podcast #54

The book that got me thinking about the 6 second breath:

Breath – James Nestor (Right Click to Save)

Here is the book that I spoke about that teaches you to pray right or meditate right. No fluff. The Master Key to Life:

The Master Key System – Charles Haanel (Right Click to Save)


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