Who are you being?

My biggest takeaway. I guess my aha moment was when Dr. Joe said “The quantum field only responds to who you are BEING. Not what you’re thinking, not what you’re feeling, but who you are being”.


Meaning that if I want to create the future I want, then I must become that person ahead of the experience. I must mentally rehearse over and over again how I would think, how I would act, and how I would feel if I was this future self.

Then I must inhibit old thoughts, old behaviors, and old emotions, and apply that which I mentally rehearsed. And by doing this process over and over again, this new state of becoming a mood, then a temperament, then a part of my personality.

Hence, I go from Thinking (Neocortex) to Doing (Limbic) to Being (Cerebellum). With meditation, allows me to go from Thinking to Being.

Meditation allows me to create that new state of being ahead of the actual experience. And my job is to maintain that state of being throughout the day. Doing this over and over again will make that state of being become second nature to me.

I will naturally think, feel, and act in that way because it has been implanted in my subconscious (Cerebellum). And by living the future now, I take back all the energy that was used to maintain my survival emotions, and I’m able to use it to create my future. And when I am BEING that future self, is when I no longer have to drag myself through space-time (physical world), and the quantum field is actually drawing the experience to me.

It’s cool to have these aha moments because I have the puzzle assembled in my mind but there’s always a piece I’m missing that clarifies it even more. I’ve already watched the Intensive once. But this just proves that like a book, if you read it over and over again, you will always catch something that you didn’t catch before.

Let’s go, team! We got this!

If you’re shy about posting your insights or struggles I have only one thing to say. Nerve cells that fire together, wire together. You are only doing yourself a disservice by not interacting and not going a step further.

Also, I strongly recommend that we all start writing summaries. I’ve done this with other books and it has tremendously helped me engrave the information in my brain. This allows you to perk up in mid-Beta and your brain will recall everything you’ve learned and will form all that information in a comprehensive matter.

Remember, that by making your brain think outside the box, YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND. And the mind is the brain in action!

By doing this work, you do yourself a great favor. How? Well because knowledge is the precursor to experience. Without it, you hinder yourself.

Anyways, keep at it geniuses. I love you all!!

Juan Andres Montoya

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